This is what rape culture looks like – in the words of Donald Trump

Quotes from Donald Trump that objectify women as sexual objects, and that sexual objectification is simply a fact of life is part of his rape culture. Donald Trump is a one-man textbook of such norms. Trump has helpfully provided examples of various assumptions, stock phrases, and social expectations that, together, constitute rape culture. Here is […]

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Quote Falls Puzzles. Volume 1. You’ll have hours of fun solving these funny, witty, inspirational, and thought-provoking quotes. Quotes from Richard Nixon, Garrison Keillor, E.E. Cummings, H.L. Mencken, Natalie Wood, Hedy Lamarr, William Saffire, Mark Twain, Truman Capote and others. 50 large print puzzles set 2 to a page that you can solve on your […]