12 Ken-Ken sudoku puzzles for October/November

This October/November free puzzle magazine ebook in PDF contains 12 kenken style sudoku puzzles; 4 each of easy, medium and hard levels of play.

Download from the 2011 free puzzle magazine link in the main menu area,

or here…..kenken-oct11

Holiday word search puzzle. Free PDF puzzle ebook.

I’ve made a word search puzzle using letters in the word HOLIDAY. Each letter is its own word search puzzle, and there are easy, medium and hard levels of play.

This free puzzle magazine ebook also contains 6 black and white pictures for children to color.

You may download this November 2011 free puzzle magazine ebook here: holidaywordsearchnov11

or from the 2011 Editions of the Free Puzzle Magazines link here.

Page for more solutions to puzzle words in ebooks

I’ve created a page for adding new words readers have found as solutions for a puzzle in my 4-letter word puzzle ebook or my 5-letter words puzzle ebook.

When I created the puzzle ebooks I knew there were people out there much smarter than I who would find solutions I missed. This page (More words for puzzle ebooks) allows them to add their new solutions to the ones I provided in the ebooks.

Readers have downloaded my puzzle ebooks from most major retailers, including Apple, Sony, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and in a variety of formats like PDF, epub, and mobi. Smashwords has all my ebooks in all formats in one place, which is convenient for readers.

Happy puzzling. Ted.

Jargon word search puzzles for May 2011

Six word search puzzles, in easy, medium and hard levels, using jargon words in this free printable puzzle magazine ebook for May 2011.

Many of the words are computer or Internet jargon, and sometimes computer programming jargon.

You may download this free puzzle magazine from the 2011 puzzle magazines link, or here…. jargon word search may 2011

Kakuro cross sums free puzzle ebook for May 2011

These six kakuro cross sum printable puzzles for May 2011 are all hard level puzzles.

Instructions and solutions included with this free puzzle magazine ebook. Puzzles published under a Creative Commons licence.

You may download these hard level kakuro cross sums puzzles from the Free Puzzle Magazines > More Free Puzzle Magazines 2011 page, or here….. kakuro-cross-sums-may2011

6 crossword puzzles for April

I’ve published six (6) printable crossword puzzles for my free puzzle magazine ebook for April.

You may download this months free puzzle magazine from my 2011 sub-section of the “Free Puzzle Magazines” link at the top of my blog, or you may download it here…. crosswords april 2011

New face

Today I’ve put a new face on my blog by adding a new header and using a new theme. I’ve also added images of my ebooks on the right side of the page, which will link to free samples of my ebooks, including my children’s coloring ebooks which contain both color and black and white pictures,  when a visitor clicks on an image of an ebook.

The blog is flexible and ‘should’ display better on mobile devices.


Three printable word search puzzles for February 2011; prescription and illegal drugs

Three word search printable puzzles in easy, medium and hard levels of play for February 2011.

Theme for these three puzzles is “Prescription and illegal drugs”.

You may download them from the 2011 free puzzle magazines link here.

Happy puzzling. Ted

Musical word search – easy

An easy level word search puzzle in the shape of a piano and containing song titles of popular songs.

This free puzzle magazine in PDF ebook format may be downloaded by clicking on the “Free Puzzle Magazines” link in the main menu and then choosing the “2011” link. Or, download it here…… pianowordsearch

Easy online puzzle for children

I’ve added an easy word search puzzle for children to my online puzzles collection. This word search puzzle has 6 words and is for children in grade 1.

The puzzle has the option for printing as text or as a PDF file.

Online puzzles now up and running

I’ve created a different web site/page for online puzzles. Every once and a while I’ll add online puzzles to my other site.

The first online puzzle is a hard word search puzzle, in the shape of a woman’s face. The solution words in the puzzle grid may be found in ANY direction.

Most of the online puzzles will have the option to print a puzzle or save the puzzle in PDF format.

To play this puzzle, click here. Happy puzzling.

Hard word search puzzle in different shapes

4 hard word search puzzles in different shapes, with solutions, in this January 2011 free puzzle magazine.

To download this free puzzle magazine click on this link…. wordsearchjan11

Thanks everyone, and happy holidays!

Thanks everybody. Happy holidays

Thanks to the thousands of people who downloaded or purchased my puzzles and ebooks this year. Your enthusiastic support is truly appreciated.

I’m going to take a brief break from the Internet.

Sharing holidays with friends

See you next year!

See you next year!

To everyone, may the best things that happened to you this year be the worst things that happen to you next year. Ted.

Marriage puzzle word search ebook

This free printable puzzle word search ebook using words related to marriage contains 3 games; easy, medium and hard.

To download this free puzzle magazine ebook click on “Free Puzzle Magazines” link in the menu, then choose the “More Free Puzzle Magazines” link and look for the marriage word search. Or click on this link….Marriage Words-dec2010

Automotive related Question and Answer word search. Hard.

Here is another word search puzzle using automotive related words, this time in a Question and Answer format. Some solvers may find this quite challenging, which is why I made it.

I give you the definition of something and you try to find the answer in the puzzle grid.

This is a single puzzle, which you may download from the “More Free Puzzle Magazines” link found under the “Free Puzzle Magazines” link in the main menu, or simply by clicking on….. automotiveQA-dec2010

Happy puzzling, everyone. Ted.

Weather Terms word search puzzles

This free puzzle magazine for December contains 6 printable puzzles in easy, medium and hard levels.

The words and phrases in the puzzles are weather related terms, some of which may be unfamiliar to you.

To download this free puzzle magazine click on “Free Puzzle Magazines” link in the menu, then choose the “More Free Puzzle Magazines” link and look for number 9. Or click on this link…. weatherTerms-dec2010

Fungus word search printable puzzle magazine for december

This free puzzle magazine for December is a printable puzzle containing 12 word search games using various “fungus” as the words. Easy, medium and hard levels of play.

You may download this free puzzle magazine for December by clicking on “Free puzzle magazines”, then “More Free Puzzle Magazines” link. This puzzle is #7 in the list.

Or, you may simply download it here… fungus-dec2010

Automobile related word search free puzzle magazine

My latest free printable puzzle magazine contains 10 word search puzzles, all related to the automobile engine or servicing. Most of these puzzles contain phrases instead of a single word for the puzzle word.

If you’re tired of regular puzzles, try this one.

To download this puzzle you can click on the “More Free Puzzle Magazines” dropdown link in my “Free Puzzle Magazines” menu link, or just click here….autowords-nov2010