Parents, a warning about another BC dog killer possibly teaching your children

Special place in hell for those who harm children and animals

According to the Vancouver Sun, B.C. Corrections has issued a public notification after a pet-killer, described by a judge as a “psychopathic and narcissistic … sexual sadist,” was released from jail with plans to live in Vancouver.

Kayla Bourque, 23, has “offended violently against both people and animals and is considered high risk to re-offend,” according to the notification by the Ministry of Justice, but Kayla isn’t the only dog killer roaming the streets of the lower mainland.

There is another dog killer, and she could be teaching your children at any of the local art councils events, library events, festivals, art camps, or schools in Burnaby, Coquitlam, Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Port Moody, Surrey, Langley, North or West Vancouver, or perhaps Whistler.

Did you enroll, or are thinking of enrolling, your child in a puppet making or puppetry class, papier mache, lantern making, or other arts related event at Place des Arts in Coquitlam, Surrey, Burnaby, New Westminster, or other lower mainland locale?

How do you do if your child is being taught by a dog killer or other person whose values you may question? Some municipal districts or art-related public institutions hide who is instructing your child; they don’t list who the instructor is, or, as Place des Arts in Coquitlam does, lists an instructor as TBA or TBD.

Parents should make every effort to protect their children from coming into contact with questionable instructors by finding out who is teaching their children before enrolling their child.

Phone the people hosting the event and ask the name of the instructor, and then check that name on the Internet.

The B.C. Ministry of Justice issued a warning about Kayla Bourque, and now I’m warning you about another dog killer.

This other killer of an innocent animal simply lied to a veterinarian during a time the courts were hounding her to disclose what she had done with a very large sum of money she had taken from the joint bank account prior to filing for divorce.

This other dog killer simply told the vet the post office ordered her to put the dog down because it had bit a mailman. This was the lie. No one at the post office ordered the dog put down, and the veterinarian clinic, The South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital,  never asked for any written confirmation of order. They simply accepted the lie without question.

The name of the other dog killer teaching children in the lower mainland of BC is Liz Summerfield, who may use her maiden name Liz Gray as lawyers’ letter to BCSPCA indicates, and I urge parents to confirm who is teaching their child or children whenever the instructor is listed as TBA or TBD or not listed at all.

Warning letter sent to BCSPCA by lawyer.
Read more about Kayla Bourque:

Police contact BC, Canada, blogger about dog killer articles

Several weeks ago local police contacted me regarding the articles I had written on my blog about my ex-wife who had my dog killed during the time the courts were hounding her for financial records concerning the large amount of money she removed from our joint account just prior to our divorce.

The police contacted me by email containing one sentence; “Could you please contact me, I need to speak with you regarding the postings that you have made that are directed towards Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD.”

I replied immediately asking what I could do for them. But after I sent the reply I thought, “This is likely a legal matter so the police should contact my lawyer.” (It never dawned on me right away that the police contacting me might be of some legal matter, so how bright am I?)

I then sent a second email stating, “Upon further consideration of your email please direct all further communication through my lawyer XXXXX regarding any legal matter and he will advise me.”

The police sent me a couple of more emails during the following days containing the exact same sentence as the first email.

I sent the officer an email stating, “On XXX, 2012, I replied to your email and requested you direct your communication on this matter to my lawyer, XXXXX.

On that same date I contacted XXXX  regarding your email and its contents. Please direct your communications on this matter to XXXX.”

That stopped the emails from the police.

But what I find disconcerting for bloggers, particularly bloggers living in Canada, is that the police wasted time contacting someone who had broken no law, for the police would have surely done more than just want to talk to me if I had broken a law.

The articles I wrote were honest, truthful, and were done with the public’s interest at heart, for I strongly believe that parents should know who is teaching their children at art classes or at a workshop or a festival event.

Liz teaches children classes or workshops about papier mache, lantern making, puppetry, puppet making, and various arts and crafts related instructions in Port Moody, Coquitlam, Vancouver, Surrey, Whistler, New Westminster, and many other areas in the lower mainland of BC.

Some art groups, like Place des Arts in Coquitlam which is holding “Light up the Square: A Lantern Affair” this Christmas season, don’t always list who is instructing children, and so it is up to parents to verify who is teaching their child.

Particularly if the person teaching their child or children had deliberately lied to a vet in order to have an innocent animal killed during a period in the divorce proceedings in which that person had repeatedly refused to comply with multiple court requests to provide financial information on what she had done with all the money she removed from a joint account, just prior to her husband receiving the divorce papers.

Here is a link to the letter my divorce lawyer wrote to the BCSPCA after verifying the facts of the death of my dog.

Here is a link to the articles the police wanted to talk to me about.

Special place in hell for those who harm children and animals

BCSPCA warned of dog killer.

Updated April 4, 2012.

If you love animals or care about cruelty to animals then please consider joining supporting your local SPCA or other animal rights organization.

My heart almost stopped when my son told me that his mother, Liz Summerfield, had taken my dog Punzhu to the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital to be killed. Liz had told the veterinary clinic that Punzhu had bitten a postman and she’d been ordered to have Punzhu put down. This turned out to be a lie.

I checked with the post office and found out that Punzhu was with Liz outside her mother’s house when the postman approached. According to the postman and the post office, the postman did not file a complaint nor did the post office order Liz to destroy Punzhu.

I was very upset that the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital killed my dog without any written documentation from the Post Office. They killed my dog on the verbal advice of my now former wife, who simply lied to them.

Below is part of a letter, which was mailed to SPCA branches in the lower mainland, prepared by my lawyer after checking the facts.


Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

1205 East 7th Vancouver, BC

V5T 1R1


About four years ago I adopted a dog from the Animal Control Pound in New Westminster.

In October of 1995, my ex-wife, Elizabeth Summerfield, separated from me and left the family home, taking my dog with her. I asked my ex-wife where the dog was but she refused to tell me. I learned at the end of November, 1995, that she had had the dog euthanized at South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital on November 16, 1995.

I hope that you will not consider Elizabeth Summerfield (who may revert to her maiden name of Elizabeth Gray) as a potential adopter of animals from the SPCA in future.

Yours truly,

Ted Summerfield


Years ago I started making puzzles and called them Punzhu Puzzles after my dog, who died so very young and so needlessly. It is my hope the SPCA will remember the letter I mailed and not consider Liz Summerfield, aka Elizabeth Summerfield or Elizabeth Gray, as a potential adopter of animals in the future.

It was during our divorce Liz lied to the South Burnaby Veterinary Clinic in order to have my dog killed. Liz had my dog killed during the time she had refused several court orders to provide information on what she had done with the large sum of money she had removed from our joint bank accounts.

Fearing for the safety of my son, and what she might do to the other dogs and cats she had taken from our home, I immediately settled the divorce.

Liz works with children as an arts instructor at various lower mainland cities & towns, including Whister, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Richmond, Port Moody, Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and other areas.

Liz teaches puppetry, lantern making, papier mache, masks, as well as instructing children in a variety of other arts related studies at festivals, public events, and community centers.

Parents should be aware of who is instructing their precious children.

There are other articles on Liz and our divorce on this site. Use the search box and search on divorce, or Liz.

Yelp yelps about Place des Arts and South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital comments

Yelp seems to be getting closer to its IPO as I’ve been told that two of my posts on their system have been removed. One for privacy reasons and one for having secondhand content.

First, the privacy reason. This is the post that Yelp objected to: “South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital killed my dog without any written authorization, just the verbal request from my now ex-wife Liz Summerfield. While this may be legal, I would think that any vet would at least require some proof that an animal had bitten a postal worker and request written authorization from the post office before killing an animal. Not this vet hospital. ”

Letter my lawyer prepared and sent to BCSPCA about this event can be read here.

I’ve changed the wording on Yelp to this: “South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital killed my dog based upon a lie by my now ex-wife. She told the veterinary clinic she’d been ordered by the post office to have my dog put down because it had bitten a postal worker. The post office and the postal worker both denied ordering or requesting my dog be killed.

South Burnaby never bothered to verify my ex-wife’s claim, nor did the hospital phone me to verify the claim.”

That should satisfy the privacy request as I never used her name in that post.

Now the secondhand content ruling. Here is the objectionable content posted on Yelp regarding Place des Arts in Coquitlam: “Parents should check the Internet for any information on instructors at PDA in Coquitlam. One instructor is a known dog killer and thief. See this link: ”

I wrote to Yelp explaining that neither my lawyer nor myself could bring back my dead dog to testify firsthand about my ex-wife killing him. However, there are court records that show Liz repeatedly refused to comply with court orders requesting her to deliver bank statements explaining the large amount of funds she had removed.

Everything I’ve written about my ex-wife Liz Summerfield refusing to comply with court orders regarding missing funds is available to the public through the courts. The letter prepared by my lawyer regarding Liz killing my dog is also publicly available.

I changed my review of Place des Arts to this: Parents considering enrolling their children in classes at Place des Arts or anywhere children are being taught should google the instructors name as a basic precaution. One instructor at Place des Arts is a known dog killer and a thief.

Now this part becomes a bit tricky. Yelp wants me to somehow revive my dead dog so that he can personally provide firsthand attestation to the statement I made about Liz Summerfield having ordered him killed. I know that isn’t going to happen.

As for the part about Liz being a thief, well, I can provide firsthand knowledge of that.

UPDATE from Yelp: As to your review of Place Des Arts we wanted to let you know that we’ve removed it. Our Support team has determined that it falls outside our Content Guidelines ( because it lacks a firsthand experience.

We hope you will continue to participate on Yelp, while keeping in mind our Content Guidelines.

This is the content Yelp removed:
Parents considering enrolling their children in classes at Place des Arts or anywhere children are being taught should google the instructors name as a basic precaution. One instructor at Place des Arts is a known dog killer and a thief.

First the content on Yelp about Place des Arts was removed because it was secondhand. Then the revised post was removed because it lacked firsthand experience.

I replied to Yelp regarding their removal of my second post about Place des Arts: “Please provide your legal definition of “firsthand experience” as it may be different than the legal definition of “firsthand” meaning, among other things, factual, valid, and the legal understanding of “experience” meaning, among other things, know-how, knowledge, familiarity.

As I have valid and factual knowledge and familiarity of what I wrote, please provide a more legal explanation as to why the post was removed.”