International Women’s Day around the world – in pictures

Vancouver, Canada
Women participate in a flash-mob dance.
Photograph: Xinhua/Barcroft Images

Istanbul, Turkey
Officers from Istanbul’s motorcycle police unit wait to search vehicles during a roadside checkpoint operation. The rapid response unit nicknamed Dolphins is used primarily in crime prevention operations and has 25 female officers. Six per cent of Turkey’s 250,000 strong police force are women
Photograph: Chris McGrath/Getty Images

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Best of National Geographic – 2014

Power Point presentation of the Best of National Geographic 2014, from a forwarded/forwarded email I received.

Click on link below to start your Power Point program (or similar program able to read/play Power Point slides) and enjoy the pictures and the music.


Thelma and Ziggy, part deux

Thelma and Ziggy has been on Smashwords only a few days now and is doing surprising well. Thanks everybody!

Here are a couple of miniature sample pictures of the black and white pictures included in the appendix area of Thelma and Ziggy. The pictures in Thelma and Ziggy are full page size or nearly full-page size:

Golfing fish, from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

Butterfly from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

I include black and white pictures in all my ebooks for children so the pictures may be printed out and colored. I also included educational links for different animals in Thelma and Ziggy, so readers can discover more about the animals in the story.

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“Bubble Trouble” picture ebook fable for children

This isn’t a book about financial bubbles bursting, or housing bubbles busting. This picture ebook fable, for children aged 2 to 5 years old or just young at heart, tells the tale of a young girl named Glorybee Toebiter who loves to brag to everyone about how great she is at blowing bubblegum bubbles.

Nobody likes a show-off, and the kids around Glorybee take great pleasure when her bragging blows up in her face with dire consequences.

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Bragging can blow up in your face