PDF’s of puzzles, picture ebooks for children, etc.

I’ve finally published all my puzzle ebooks, picture ebooks for children, fiction and nonfiction ebooks in PDF. Brother, did that take a while. Sheesh!

  • All my picture ebooks for children have an Appendix with large black and white graphics of characters in each story so you can print them out for coloring by your child or yourself.
  • All puzzle PDF’s have solutions in the back to save you paper so you only have to print out the puzzle or puzzles you want and check your solution with mine.
  • Both my cookbooks contain a large amount of information on herbs and spices.

Here is just a very small selection of the almost 40 PDF’s now available:

COVER spanish 2014 ws edition  2014 englsihWScover-small  cover2014gws-large

sudokuColl2014-SmallCover crosswordsconvernew  

covertreesmall2013  Icky Foods Make Me Sick  tattoocover-small

5lettercover2013  6lettersmall Star Sudoku Puzzles

What the heck is Gumroad? Gumroad is located in California and is an ecommerce replacement for PayPal.

I chose Gumroad rather than PayPal for my PDF’s because I saw a number of famous artists and non-profits using Gumroad. While nowhere near as famous as any of them I could still use the same ecommerce system and bypass PayPal.

Why buy direct through Gumroad? Your ebook is personalized with your name, contains no DRM, uses HTTPS like your bank or credit union for safe and secure transactions, they don’t store your credit card information and so your privacy is protected, and besides that each sale earns me a couple of extra pennies because Gumroad fees are lower than PayPal and Smashwords.

It takes a few seconds to load the Gumroad site as there is close to 40 covers to render. I’ve found scrolling down to bottom of page a couple of times seems to help speed up the process.

All 40 or so PDF’s are available at my famous low prices at Gumroad here. Take a peek. It only takes a second or two.

My ebooks now on Flipkart in India.

11 of my 37 ebooks are now available on Flipkart in India with most priced at 68 Rupees, inclusive of tax, and 2 of the 11 ebooks are word puzzle ebooks.

India has approximately 127 million English speaking citizens, making it the second largest English speaking country in the world in 2007, and the aforementioned figure represents just 11% of the population of India at that time.

2 of my cookbooks, 2 of my puzzle magazines, 3 of my fictional works, and 4 of my picture ebooks for children are available on Flipkart as of today.

Click this link to view/purchase my 4-Letter Word Puzzles ebook available for 68 Rs.

Click this link to view/purchase my 5-Letter Word Puzzles ebook available for 68 Rs.

Click this link to view all my ebooks available on Flipkart.