A Christmas Tree For Santa gets updated

I’ve updated my picture ebook for children titled “A ChristmasTree For Santa” with a new cover, a few changes in story, and changes in pictures.


Forest Ranger ‘Ranger Rick’ decides to take a Christmas tree to Santa because there are no trees at the North Pole.

On the way, Ranger Rick runs into a thieving moose, a friendly polar bear, a vacationing penguin, Santa’s helpers, and Santa.

This colorful 51-page printable picture book for children 2-7 also has 19 large, black and white pictures in the Appendix for printing & coloring. Adapted from a script I wrote for a puppet show.

The ebook is available at most online retailers for the same low price of 99 cents.

If I Had A Car free picture ebook for children.

If I Had A Car

A bunny wonders what it would be like to have a car, but after thinking over all the choices and the reasons for and against a car he decides to buy a bike. Appendix contains five (5) large black and white pictures of bunnies which can be printed out for coloring by your child (or by you). Suitable for ages 2 to 102

Download this free ebook for children from here.

To view a list of all my ebooks for children, click here.

Nestor Nose Falls Asleep picture ebook for children.

Nestor Nose Falls Asleep

“Mommy, does a nose ever sleep?” That simple question leads to a tale told long ago to the mother about a nose named Nestor who fell asleep once, but only once. Nestor Nose dreamed of delightful characters, like an elephant with a twisted trunk that Nestor helped straighten out, but soon there were terrible monsters chasing Nestor and wanting to eat him. Suitable for 2-5 year old, this picture book contains 20 color pictures and the appendix has large black and white pictures for printing and coloring.

Available now in all digital formats at Smashwords, other retailers in 4-8 weeks.

Read a sample of Nestor Nose Falls Asleep, or purchase for $0.99 here. Link opens in new window or tab.

3 of the 20 color pictures in this ebook:

(Title Watermark across images does not appear in any picture in ebook.)

Thelma and Ziggy, part deux

Thelma and Ziggy has been on Smashwords only a few days now and is doing surprising well. Thanks everybody!

Here are a couple of miniature sample pictures of the black and white pictures included in the appendix area of Thelma and Ziggy. The pictures in Thelma and Ziggy are full page size or nearly full-page size:

Golfing fish, from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

Butterfly from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

I include black and white pictures in all my ebooks for children so the pictures may be printed out and colored. I also included educational links for different animals in Thelma and Ziggy, so readers can discover more about the animals in the story.

You may read a free sample of Thelma and Ziggy, or purchase it for $0.99, here.

Doug’s Big Idea gets animated also.

This is the new cover for Doug’s Big Idea children’s color picture and coloring book.

Cover for Doug's Big Idea

Doug's Big Idea. At Smashwords, click on image to animate.

During winter I plan to learn more about animation and -hopefully – will create more intricate animations for my covers.

Trying simple animation for Bubble Trouble cover

I’ve managed to get the cover of Bubble Trouble to reproduce a simple animation, but have had no success in adding animation to MSWord for ebooks published on Smashwords.

Mark Coker of Smashwords advises me that animation would be messed up by their meatgrinder even if I were able to get MSWord to accept animation.

This is the animated cover I’ve uploaded to Smashwords, which at Smashwords you have to click on to animate. You may have to click on this image for animation sometimes.

Bubble Trouble animated cover

Bubble Trouble animated cover. If not displaying animation here or at Smashwords, click to see animation.

“Bubble Trouble” picture ebook fable for children

This isn’t a book about financial bubbles bursting, or housing bubbles busting. This picture ebook fable, for children aged 2 to 5 years old or just young at heart, tells the tale of a young girl named Glorybee Toebiter who loves to brag to everyone about how great she is at blowing bubblegum bubbles.

Nobody likes a show-off, and the kids around Glorybee take great pleasure when her bragging blows up in her face with dire consequences.

On sale now for $0.99 at Amazon/Kindle, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, Diesel, Kobo, and other popular online stores.

Free sample of “Bubble Trouble” here.

Bragging can blow up in your face

New picture ebook for children, “Doug’s Big Idea”

I’ve finished a new ebook for children titled “Doug’s Big Idea”. It is a picture ebook for children 2-5 years old, although older children may enjoy it, about a young beaver named Doug.

The forest where Doug lives is destroyed by fire. But Doug has an idea that helps all the animals in the forest, and the forest itself. The picture story book follows Doug as he sees how thinking of others, and of the environment, can make the world a better place.

I hope to have it available on Smashwords and other outlets some time this week or next week.

Update, September 18, 2010: My picture story ebook “Doug’s Big Idea” is now available on Smashwords for $0.99, at Amazon/Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Diesel, and other popular online book stores.

Doug's Big Idea, by Ted Summerfield