My ebooks now on Flipkart in India.

11 of my 37 ebooks are now available on Flipkart in India with most priced at 68 Rupees, inclusive of tax, and 2 of the 11 ebooks are word puzzle ebooks.

India has approximately 127 million English speaking citizens, making it the second largest English speaking country in the world in 2007, and the aforementioned figure represents just 11% of the population of India at that time.

2 of my cookbooks, 2 of my puzzle magazines, 3 of my fictional works, and 4 of my picture ebooks for children are available on Flipkart as of today.

Click this link to view/purchase my 4-Letter Word Puzzles ebook available for 68 Rs.

Click this link to view/purchase my 5-Letter Word Puzzles ebook available for 68 Rs.

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iTunes ebook page numbers misleading.

UPDATE: Apple support advises authors who don’t upload directly to iTunes using iTunes Producer contact their agent to correct any page number errors.

Have you ever made a decision to purchase a book on iTunes based upon the number of pages shown for that ebook? If you have you have been mislead by Apple.

In my opinion it makes no sense to list page size for digital devices when file size or even word count would be more meaningful to a user.

I first noticed this rotten worm in Apple iTunes when checking out one of my picture ebooks for children. It seems Apple doesn’t consider pictures as part of a book and only counts words.

If an ebook on iTunes contains a high number of pictures, like a travel book, a picture book or an art book, pages containing pictures are not counted towards how many actual pages the ebook contains.

Every one of my ebooks, and likely every book by any author on Apple containing images, is much larger than indicated by the number of pages listed by Apple in their iTunes ebook shop.

One iTunes my 5-Letter Word Puzzles is shown as 24 pages. This ebook contains one image. On Amazon the same ebook is shown as 39 pages. The original MSWord document is 32 pages.

The difference in page length between the original MSWord and Amazon is that the original had to be altered to include several page breaks to conform with Amazon Kindle formatting regarding Title, Copyright, Table of Contents, etc. This difference applies to all Amazon ebooks and my original document I sent to Smashwords.

On iTunes my picture ebook for children titled “Bubble Trouble” is shown as 4 pages. On Amazon the same ebook is listed as 22 pages. The original MSWord document is 18 pages. This ebook contains thirteen color pictures within the story, and the appendix has six black and white pictures from the story in 8.5 x 11 pages for printing out and coloring by a child.

A reader viewing one of my ebooks or any ebook containing pictures is drawn towards the data for that book. If they see a low number of pages they probably bypass that book and look for a different book with a larger number of pages.

Apple’s use of misleading page sizes hurts potential sales for authors such as I, but also robs the reader of discovering a new author or enjoying the ebook itself when a purchase decision is influenced by inaccurate page size data.

My advice for any Apple owner is to disregard the indicated pages for an ebook. If you are really curious about the size of a book then check it out on another retail outlet like Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or even Amazon.

My advice for Apple is to join the digital age and replace their iTunes page size data with something more useful for readers, such as file size or number of words.

Are Interactive ebooks good or bad for children?

Are Interactive ebooks good or bad for children? That’s a question every parent of a young child should ask themself, but it’s also a dumb question.

It’s a dumb question because there won’t be enough validated research data for 10, 15, 20 years. And even in 20 years there might not be an absolute answer.

A stick or a piece of wood could entertain me for hours when I was a child, and still do to this day but for much less time.

Absent of any digital assistance when I was a child, I was forced to use my imagination to create the world I wanted.

As a child I used my imagination to lift the words off a book, and I use my imagination to this day when reading a book and when creating my ebooks.

Children today are raised in a digital age, an age of immediate gratification in many instances. But there are questions being raised about the benefits of the digital age on children.

“The American Academy of Pediatrics and the White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity discourage screen media and screen time for children under 2 years of age and recommend limited screen time for older children (American Academy of Pediatrics 2010; Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood 2010; Funk, Brouwer, Curtiss, & McBroom 2009; White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity 2010). Concerns have been raised about the lack of empirical research that demonstrates positive benefits from technology use. Much of the concern has focused on the content of entertainment and educational media produced for young children including: the effects of media violence and sexuality on young children and exposure to commercial messages, stereotypes, and inappropriate behaviors and social interactions. Educators and parents have also been cautioned about background TV, the passive use of screen media and the impact of screen time on childhood obesity; irregular sleep patterns; behavioral issues; focus and attention problems; decreased academic performance; negative impact on socialization and language development, time for play and other developmentally appropriate activities; and reduced time interacting with peers, siblings, parents, and other adults.” Source: A 2011 draft position statement by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College on Technology in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8

The position statement adds “Technology may also be used for activities that are not educationally sound, developmentally appropriate, or effective (electronic worksheets for preschoolers, for instance). Passive use of technology and media may also be inappropriately used as a replacement for active play, engagement with other children, and interactions with adults. Educators who are grounded in child development theory and developmentally appropriate practices, and are technologically and media literate have the knowledge, skills, and experience to select and use technology and digital media that are appropriate for the ages and developmental levels of the children in their care, and they know when and how to integrate technology into the program effectively. Educators who lack technological and media literacy are at risk of making inappropriate choices and using technology with young children in inappropriate ways that can negatively impact children’s learning and development.”

Interactive ebooks and Interactive apps for children are becoming popular downloads on Apple iTunes. One of the reasons is the Interactive ebooks and Interactive apps act as babysitters, entertaining the child while the parent or parents are occupied doing something other than spend time with their child.

Are Interactive ebooks good or bad for children? The answer right now is, yes and no.

Properly produced Interactive ebooks for children, Interactive ebooks that don’t mimic a TV show or movie in their presentation but instead are designed for imagination to flourish, could be good.

Without imagination we are all just robots.

My apple ebooks on iTunes.

All my ebooks are on Apple iTunes here.

I was checking Apple iTunes and found my picture ebooks for children weren’t showing up under iTunes Picture Books category. The reason for them not showing up is Smashwords doesn’t have a sub-category for “Picture Books”.

I placed the above link to Apple iTunes so viewers who own an Apple device may find my ebooks.

Kindle edition of “Bubble Trouble” available


Bubble Trouble ebook by Ted Summerfield

Bragging can blow up in your face

(Bubble Trouble is 18 pages in length in MSWord. Some devices erroneously report less pages.)

Bubble Trouble ($0.99)  is now available for Kindle devices on Amazon. Bubble Trouble is an entertaining and educational picture book fable filled with colorful pictures, including large black and white pictures for coloring. It is about a young girl, Glorybee Toebiter, who likes to brag. But her bragging blows up in her face, with terrible results. This book is suitable for 2-5 year old children and those young at heart.

During September I’ll be adding more ebooks for children to the Kindle ereader platform on Amazon. To view all my ebooks currently on Amazon click here.

If I Had A Car free picture ebook for children.

If I Had A Car

A bunny wonders what it would be like to have a car, but after thinking over all the choices and the reasons for and against a car he decides to buy a bike. Appendix contains five (5) large black and white pictures of bunnies which can be printed out for coloring by your child (or by you). Suitable for ages 2 to 102

Download this free ebook for children from here.

To view a list of all my ebooks for children, click here.

Christmas Tree for Santa & Icky Foods; 2 new ebooks for children.

I’ve published two new ebooks for children. Both contain color pictures as well as large black and white pictures, which can be printed out for children to color, at the end of the ebook.

You may view a free sample of any of my ebooks by visiting Smashwords. (Link opens in new window)

A Christmas Tree For Santa is another of my color picture ebooks for children. This story is about Forest Ranger ‘Ranger Rick’, who decides to take a Christmas tree to Santa because there are no trees at the North Pole. On the way, Ranger Rick runs into a thieving moose, a friendly polar bear, a vacationing penguin, Santa’s helpers, and Santa. This colorful picture book for children 2-7 also has large, black and white pictures in the Appendix for printing & coloring. This story is an adaptation of a puppet show I wrote many years ago.

You may download a free sample of “A Christmas Tree For Santa”, or purchase it for $0.99, from Smashwords here.

Icky Foods Make Me Sick

“Icky Foods Make Me Sick”is a colorful, picture coloring book is about a very young girl named Susie Snorz, who is very fussy about what she eats. Susie, who can’t stand to see her baby brother enjoy anything, gets really mad one day because her baby brother is enjoying something she thought would be icky. She learns new things can be good. Appendix contains large black and white pictures for coloring. Suits 2-5 year old.

You may download a free sample of “Icky Foods Make Me Sick”, or purchase it for $0.99, from Smashwords here.

Thelma and Ziggy, part deux

Thelma and Ziggy has been on Smashwords only a few days now and is doing surprising well. Thanks everybody!

Here are a couple of miniature sample pictures of the black and white pictures included in the appendix area of Thelma and Ziggy. The pictures in Thelma and Ziggy are full page size or nearly full-page size:

Golfing fish, from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

Butterfly from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

I include black and white pictures in all my ebooks for children so the pictures may be printed out and colored. I also included educational links for different animals in Thelma and Ziggy, so readers can discover more about the animals in the story.

You may read a free sample of Thelma and Ziggy, or purchase it for $0.99, here.