Christmas Tree for Santa & Icky Foods; 2 new ebooks for children.

I’ve published two new ebooks for children. Both contain color pictures as well as large black and white pictures, which can be printed out for children to color, at the end of the ebook.

You may view a free sample of any of my ebooks by visiting Smashwords. (Link opens in new window)

A Christmas Tree For Santa is another of my color picture ebooks for children. This story is about Forest Ranger ‘Ranger Rick’, who decides to take a Christmas tree to Santa because there are no trees at the North Pole. On the way, Ranger Rick runs into a thieving moose, a friendly polar bear, a vacationing penguin, Santa’s helpers, and Santa. This colorful picture book for children 2-7 also has large, black and white pictures in the Appendix for printing & coloring. This story is an adaptation of a puppet show I wrote many years ago.

You may download a free sample of “A Christmas Tree For Santa”, or purchase it for $0.99, from Smashwords here.

Icky Foods Make Me Sick

“Icky Foods Make Me Sick”is a colorful, picture coloring book is about a very young girl named Susie Snorz, who is very fussy about what she eats. Susie, who can’t stand to see her baby brother enjoy anything, gets really mad one day because her baby brother is enjoying something she thought would be icky. She learns new things can be good. Appendix contains large black and white pictures for coloring. Suits 2-5 year old.

You may download a free sample of “Icky Foods Make Me Sick”, or purchase it for $0.99, from Smashwords here.

New face

Today I’ve put a new face on my blog by adding a new header and using a new theme. I’ve also added images of my ebooks on the right side of the page, which will link to free samples of my ebooks, including my children’s coloring ebooks which contain both color and black and white pictures,  when a visitor clicks on an image of an ebook.

The blog is flexible and ‘should’ display better on mobile devices.


Thelma and Ziggy, part deux

Thelma and Ziggy has been on Smashwords only a few days now and is doing surprising well. Thanks everybody!

Here are a couple of miniature sample pictures of the black and white pictures included in the appendix area of Thelma and Ziggy. The pictures in Thelma and Ziggy are full page size or nearly full-page size:

Golfing fish, from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

Butterfly from Thelma and Ziggy by Ted Summerfield

I include black and white pictures in all my ebooks for children so the pictures may be printed out and colored. I also included educational links for different animals in Thelma and Ziggy, so readers can discover more about the animals in the story.

You may read a free sample of Thelma and Ziggy, or purchase it for $0.99, here.

Thelma and Ziggy

My latest ebook for children is now out, and is titled “Thelma and Ziggy”. The sub-title is “The butterfly who couldn’t keep her mouth shut.”

Thelma and Ziggy is an entertaining and educational color picture book with lots of large black and white pictures for children to color. Thelma Sludge is a rather plain-looking butterfly with a bit of an attitude problem. Thelma’s greatest desires are to be famous, and to have everyone notice her. She leaves home to become famous, but instead meets Ziggy Plopp. Ziggy is a fairy, who can have a bit of an attitude himself at times. Thelma tells Ziggy to make her famous, which he does, but later Thelma wished she’d kept her mouth shut. A short fantasy story for children 2 to 7 years old, and those young at heart.

You may read a free sample, or purchase the ebook for $0.99, here.

Thelma and Ziggy cover

Thelma and Ziggy. A color picture ebook for children

Printing and coloring my ebooks

Printing and coloring my ebooks.

Printing and coloring my ebooks

Coloring pictures from my ebooks for children

If you downloaded the PDF version of my color picture books for children, “Doug’s Big Idea,  “Bubble Trouble” or one of my other ebooks for children, then you can easily print out the large black and white pictures in the Appendix for a child to colour.

But what if you didn’t download the PDF version of one of my ebooks?

Children’s colour picture ebooks such as “Doug’s Big Idea” or “Bubble Trouble” are easily printed out from your desktop or laptop using the free ebook converter called Calibre to convert your ebook into another format, PDF for example.

I’ve written a post on converting ebooks with Calibre here. I’ve also written a brief article on downloading an ebook to your computer and converting it to PDF or other suitable format for printing.

You can print out just a page or two, the ones your son or daughter really likes, and they can draw on it if they want without ruining the original picture. Or print out the complete book.

If printing out the whole book you can save more money by printing the color pictures in greyscale so your son or daughter can color the pictures any way her or she wants.

When a child is finished coloring the picture, or adding characters or whatever their imagination leads them to draw, the page can be turned over and used as well before being recycled.

Printing out an ebook such the ones mentioned  is much less expensive than purchasing a printed version of the same book, even taking into consideration the price of the ebook and paper and ink cost to print it out several times.

Plus you can print out as many pages as often as you wish, just like using a scanner and copying pages from a printed book. Only cheaper.

The best print output I’ve managed to achieve when printing my ebooks containing large black and white pictures is when the original ebook is in PDF format.

I’ve published all my ebooks in PDF format and made them available from my web site ‘Ebooks by Ted Summerfield‘. These PDF’s are already formatted for printing out, while converting an ebook to PDF would likely involve a lot of formatting to get the results you want.

Here are two examples of the black and white pictures included in the appendix in my ebooks for children. Pictures have been shrunk for display in this post.

Doug the beaver, from “Doug’s Big Idea” ebook

Glorybee Toebiter, from “Bubble Trouble” picture ebook

These pictures will fill 1/2 page to 3/4 of a page when printed. Set your printer description to “grayscale” and use “draft” mode to save ink. Select “black cartridge” or “black ink” as the colour.