Tuscon, Arizona after Trump

Donald Trump is a well-known property developer and licensor of his brand name. Property developers know the greatest value of real esate and greatest demand for real estated is waterfront properties.

Thanks to Donald Trump dumping the Paris Accord more and more of America will soon become much more valuable as waterfront properties.

Today’s editorial cartoons on Trump

Today’s Trump Editorial Cartoons. Click on thumbnail to view cartoon.

J.D. Crowe
Alabama Media Group
May 10, 2017
David Horsey
Los Angeles Times
May 10, 2017
Kevin Siers
Charlotte Observer
May 10, 2017



Presidency for Dummies cartoon

NewsThump is a UK news and satire site, and is where I found this Presidency for Dummies cartoon.

In case someone in Trump’s realm hears about this post, and I doubt that very much, I’d am announcing now that this is “FAKE NEWS”. Sad!


You may read the NewThump article containing the Presidency for Dummies cartoon here.