Dog killer celebrates Easter teaching children in Port Moody

For several years and numerous events for children The Port Moody Station Museum has hired a dog killer to teach children; a women who openly lied to a vet in order to have her husbands’ dog killed during her divorce and who repeatedly refused to obey court orders to explain what she had done with all the money she had removed from a joint bank account before she filed for divorce.

This past Easter The Port Moody Station Museum again hired this dog killer to teach children and parents how to build Easter hats.

In the coming months the Port Moody Museum or other organization in BC may well hire Liz Summerfield to teach children. Liz may be welcomed by various community centers, festivals and art camps to teach children, and parents may well want her to teach their children, moreover, even readers of this post may see nothing wrong with a woman who lies and kills an innocent animal teaching their children. I just feel that, as a public service to parents, they have the right to know something about the people who are teaching their children and I suggest parents Google the names of those teaching or instructing their children as a precaution.

My lawyer wrote a letter to the BCSPCA warning them about her, and I wrote a fictional story based in part upon my divorce and titled “Final Decree. A Dead Dog Divorce“.

Maple Ridge Arts Council hires dog killer

Shortly after my wife Liz Summerfield filed for divorce, my son told me she’d killed my dog during the time she was being questioned extensively in court about all the money missing from our bank account. I can’t remember if it was the fourth, fifth or sixth time the courts had asked her to provided bank records explaining the massive amount of missing funds, but it was sometime around then when she killed my dog.

My lawyer was shocked at my soon-to-be ex-wife killing an innocent animal, and after verifying the account of the killing she prepared a letter for me about Liz killing my dog.

Liz is now teaching children at Place des Arts and other facilities and festivals in the BC region, including this one at Maple Ridge Arts Council. I believe it is important for parents to know some background about the people teaching their children.

Puppets, Performance & Paper Maché Camp
Instructors: Lisa Lake & Liz Summerfield
Create, script and stage a puppet character!
Ages 6–11, M–F, Jul 25–29, 9:30am–3:00pm, $195/5
Ages 6–11, M–F, Aug 15–19, 9:30am–3:00pm, $195/5