Automotive related Question and Answer word search. Hard.

Here is another word search puzzle using automotive related words, this time in a Question and Answer format. Some solvers may find this quite challenging, which is why I made it.

I give you the definition of something and you try to find the answer in the puzzle grid.

This is a single puzzle, which you may download from the “More Free Puzzle Magazines” link found under the “Free Puzzle Magazines” link in the main menu, or simply by clicking on….. automotiveQA-dec2010

Happy puzzling, everyone. Ted.

Automobile related word search free puzzle magazine

My latest free printable puzzle magazine contains 10 word search puzzles, all related to the automobile engine or servicing. Most of these puzzles contain phrases instead of a single word for the puzzle word.

If you’re tired of regular puzzles, try this one.

To download this puzzle you can click on the “More Free Puzzle Magazines” dropdown link in my “Free Puzzle Magazines” menu link, or just click here….autowords-nov2010