More free puzzle magazines – 2011 editions

January 2011 free puzzle magazine contains 4 word search puzzles in different shapes, all with a hard level of play.

Download the January 2011 word search free puzzle magazine here…. wordsearchjan11

February. An easy level word search puzzle in the shape of a piano and containing song titles of popular songs…… pianowordsearch

Three printable word search puzzles for February 2011, easy, medium and hard levels of play, with a theme of “Prescription and illegal drugs”…..prescription drugs feb11

April Crossword Puzzle ebook. Six crossword puzzles, with solutions, in PDF ebook format….crosswords april 2011

May Kakuro Cross Sums Puzzle ebook. Six hard level kakuro cross sums printable puzzles in PDF ebook format… kakuro-cross-sums-may2011

May Jargon Words Word Search Puzzle ebook. Six word search puzzles, in easy, medium and hard levels, using jargon words in this free printable puzzle magazine ebook for May 2011. Many of the words are computer or Internet jargon, and sometimes computer programming jargon…. jargon word search may 2011

November Holiday Word Search Puzzle ebook. 7 word search puzzles, in easy, medium and hard levels of play, using the letters in the word HOLIDAY for a grid. This ebook also contains printable Black and White pictures suitable for coloring by children (or adults)….holidaywordsearchnov11

This October/November free puzzle magazine ebook in PDF contains 12 kenken style sudoku puzzles; 4 each of easy, medium and hard levels of play. Download this free puzzle magazine in PDF format here…..kenken-oct11