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    Ted Summerfield

    I turned 70 this month, spent 7 months in hospital during 2018, got a hole in my arse the size of a hockey puck which nurses attend to regularly, and my son cancelled his phone so I can’t reach him and he doesn’t answer any of my emails.

    So how did everything get to this point in my life? I’ll explain more every day I have the strength to type and sit on my arse for a few moments.


    Ted Summerfield

    My son was born on my birthday, which was planned by my future ex-wife because she and her mom were born on the same day. Shortly thereafter I was in a Vancouver hospital to cut out a bunch of my intestines. Eight operations over 5 years. This left my future ex-wife looking after me, a new son, and the various businesses I had at that time. After the last operation I pretty much shutdown my businesses to spend time with my family.

    My son and I would go fishing for weeks at a time, staying at resorts so my son had everything he wanted at hand. We’d go up the Sunshine Coast, up to Manning Park Resort where sometimes we’d rent a cabin and other times stay in the resort itself. We always went Monday-Thursday as the rates were more reasonable. While there we’d go canoeing, ride our mountain bikes all over the place, walk one of our dogs along some of the many amazing trails there.

    I had lots of money then and lots of free time so our family would take extended trips to Alaska, twice, once for two months, month long holidays to California, Arizona, exploring as many of the towns and villages we had a chance to reach. We went to Florida Disney World and then off to the Bahama’s for two weeks. On the trip to Florida my son went first class and loved it, coming to the standard class to let us know first class is worth it.

    My son always called me Ted. At a party a guest asked why he didn’t call me dad, or pop or something similar. His reply was he called me Ted because I was his friend.


    Ted Summerfield

    After 20 years of marriage my wife filed for divorce. She cleaned out our joint account except for about 300 dollars just before I got the divorce papers served on me at work. The amount missing was a tidy sum.

    During the divorce proceedings she refused 5, 6, or 7 court orders to turn over her financial papers so the courts could see what she did with the money.

    It was during the time of her refusing to comply with the court orders that she took my dog up to a local vet and told them my dog had to be put down because he had bit a postman. That was a lie. The post office never issued such an order.

    I was afraid for my son now, not knowing what my soon to be ex-wife might do next just to keep her money hidden.

    I advised my lawyer to drop everything. She can keep the money if she is that desperate for it.

    The courts still went ahead and placed my son with his mother, granting me full rights to see him anytime. Problem was there were times I’d go to the house to see him and my ex would simply say he’s no there and I can’t come in.

    My son slowly began taking my ex’s explanations for everything and began to see less and less of me. After he turned 18 I had no working phone number or email address. My friends didn’t know where he was and my ex wasn’t telling me anything.

    When my son was around 29 he found me. We began chatting again but didn’t seem to want to talk about the divorce.

    Years past and we saw each other now and then. Then last year when I was in the hospital his phone number no longer worked and he didn’t respond to my emails.

    It’s a horrible feeling not knowing if your son is alive or dead.

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