Dog Killer teaching children

Special place in hell for those who harm children and animals

There is a dog killer teaching children at various community centers and festivals around British Columbia, Canada.

This dog killer is a woman who refused multiple court orders for bank records showing what she had done with the large sum of money she removed from a joint bank account just before filing for divorce.

During the period of time she was under several court orders to produce financial records she went to a local veterinary clinic, the South Burnaby Veterinary Clinic, and told the staff she had been ordered to put the dog down because it had bitten a postal worker.

This was a lie. The post office never ordered the dog put down and never even suggested such a thing to the woman.

Here are links to articles about this dog killer, including a link to the letter written to the BCSPCA by the lawyer of the dog owner regarding the actions of this woman.

Links are here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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