Heritage Hat Making with Liz Summerfield.

Did you attend the Sea to Sky Regional Heritage Fair at the Lynn Valley Library & Village in the City of North Vancouver on Friday, May 11, 2012? Did you or your children partake in Heritage Hat Making with Liz … Continue reading

Lying, dog killing woman named Liz Summerfield teaching children

Liz Summerfield, who lied to the South Burnaby Vet hospital in order to have my dog killed during the time the divorce judge was hounding her for bank records, is teaching children arts and crafts. Liz sometimes works at the … Continue reading

Katjie supports Liz Summerfield killing animals

Earlier this year I established a memorial on PETA for Punzhu, my adopted pet who was killed by my wife during our divorce. I visited the PETA site today and found the following message had been posted. *** Katjie Thu, … Continue reading

“Francis” supports Liz Summerfield killing innocent animal.

Today I received a comment from someone named “Francis” supporting Liz Summerfield lying and killing an innocent animal. How anyone can support a person killing an innocent animal is beyond me. Perhaps “Francis” needs mental health help. Read comment by … Continue reading

Lawyer sends dog killer letter to BCSPCA

If you love animals or care about cruelty to animals then please consider joining supporting your local SPCA or other animal rights organization. My heart almost stopped when my son told me that his mother, Liz Summerfield, pictured left, had … Continue reading

A number of studies on people who kill animals

The Vancouver Sun newspaper published an article today titled Convicted animal killer Kayla Bourque granted unescorted day passes, which got me thinking about what type of person deliberately kills an animal. A Michigan University study in 2008 (a) titled Cruelty … Continue reading

Local NDP MP Peter Julian has picture taken with dog killer

NDP Member of Parliament Peter Julian has represented the Burnaby – New Westminster riding for many years and recently got caught having his picture taken with a New Westminster dog killer. To be fair to Peter Julian MP he or … Continue reading

Dog killer teaching hat making to children in New Westminster

A dog killer is teaching children in New Westminster and surrounding municipalities/cities as recently as this month. Parents should be aware of who is teaching their children or coming in contact with their children. Few if any publicly funded art … Continue reading

Pet killer arrested for breaching probation

Pet killer Kayla Bourque, who a judge has described as “psychopathic” and a “sexual sadist,” was arrested Thursday for allegedly breaching conditions of her release from jail. In 2013, B.C. Corrections issued a rare public notification to alert the public … Continue reading

Woman murders dog during divorce

A British Columbia woman who teaches arts and crafts, puppetry, heritage hat making and other classes to children in Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey, Vancouver, Whistler and other areas took an innocent family pet to a local vet and had … Continue reading

Yet another dog killer and liar.

A dog walker tells police she had left the six missing dogs in the back of her pickup truck with a canopy in the 4400-block of 206 Street, Langley, BC, saying she put the animals there so she could use … Continue reading

Is a known dog killer teaching your children at Place des arts Coquitlam spring break?

A known dog killer has taught puppetry, lantern making, and other arts and crafts to children attending Place des arts in Coquitlam, BC in the past and may be teaching your child this spring break. But parents don’t know if … Continue reading

Festival of light celebrated with invitation to dog killer

Liz Summerfield, the originator of A Lantern Affair, making one of her signature Lotus Lanterns. Carré Heritage Square. (Screen captured; Tri-Cities Now) Liz may be welcomed to teach children by various community centers in BC, invited to attend festivals and … Continue reading

Who taught children at Lynn Valley – Sea to Sky Heritage Fair? Parents should know.

Parents with young children should know who is teaching their children at local festivals, art classes, or other public events. But does a parent really know who their children are meeting? For that matter, how much research on instructors do … Continue reading

Parents, a warning about another BC dog killer possibly teaching your children

According to the Vancouver Sun, B.C. Corrections has issued a public notification after a pet-killer, described by a judge as a “psychopathic and narcissistic … sexual sadist,” was released from jail with plans to live in Vancouver. Kayla Bourque, 23, … Continue reading

Is Place des Arts in Coquitlam shielding dog killer from parents?

Place des Arts is once again hosting the annual highlight A Lantern Affair, but this year Place des Arts doesn’t say if the person holding the workshop event is known dog killer Liz Summerfield. In fact the PDA doesn’t mention … Continue reading

Yet another community centre hires a dog killer

The Dunbar Community Centre Association (DCCA) recently hired dog killer and liar Liz Summerfield for “paper hat making craft, which is the artistic brainchild of the Hat Lady, Liz Summerfield.” I can’t believe that community centres and arts organizations like … Continue reading

Dog killer celebrates Easter teaching children in Port Moody

For several years and numerous events for children The Port Moody Station Museum has hired a dog killer to teach children; a women who openly lied to a vet in order to have her husbands’ dog killed during her divorce … Continue reading

BCSPCA warned of dog killer.

Updated April 4, 2012. If you love animals or care about cruelty to animals then please consider joining supporting your local SPCA or other animal rights organization. My heart almost stopped when my son told me that his mother, Liz … Continue reading