Arrow shot by feet earns Guinness record

Right on target: Brittany Walsh shooting an arrow using only her feet. Photograph: James Ellerker/Guinness World Records

It started as a dare. Flicking through an old book of pictures taken in the circus, we saw this woman firing an arrow with her feet. My friend dared me to try it and we went straight to a sporting goods store, bought a bow and arrow, and I realised: “Yeah, I could probably do this!” What can I say? We didn’t have Netflix at the time. You make your own fun.

It didn’t come completely out of the blue. I had competed in gymnastics as a kid, but I was very studious, I was very shy, quiet, not spontaneous at all. I felt like I had my life mapped out. Go to medical school. Become a doctor. Then I saw an advertisement for a local physical theatre company looking for tumblers. I went for an audition and they accepted me. I spoke to my parents about it and they were surprisingly supportive. They told me: “School will always be there.’” I learned stilt-walking and trapeze. It really helped me find myself. And I did go back to school afterwards, too, so I’ve had the best of both worlds.

There was part of me that always wanted to try new stuff. I was so scared as a kid. Scared of looking stupid in front of people or failing, but the older you get the more you realise that stuff just doesn’t matter. What matters is being happy, growing as a person and learning who you are. I’ve realised that I’m a thrill seeker. I like the excitement of doing new things. I’d like to learn how to fly a small plane. Life offers so much stuff to do; why not dive right in?

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