New knitting help site opens with a couple of oops


sheep at
I made that?

My friend’s new knitting site,, went live yesterday with a couple of minor oops appearing almost immediately.

Nothing terrible happened. Teething problems always creep up whenever somethng digital is released to the public. All the testing and reviewing done during the past 5 months of building the site managed to clear away lots of little problems. Neither my friend nor I are computer experts or coders. All our training on computers has been by the seat of our pants and we’ve built up a small library of knowledge on computers. A very small library. We expected problems and we got them.

We had a goodly amount of traffic the first day and it seemed all the data was being delivered quickly. Visitors were spending time checking everything out. All the sheep were peaceful.

That’s it for now. Back to tending the flock at My Simple Knitting. Yes. Flock. Sheep live in flocks but the act is called sheepherding. Go figure. English language. Sheesh.


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