Trump Force One versus Air Force One

Donald Trump railled against Boeing for the guessitmated cost of replacing the existing two Air Force One planes with two new planes. As with everything Donald Trump says, listeners must not take what he says as completely factual or truthful.

Donald Trump lives in a simple world with simple ideas which flitter for a fleeting moment before another flutter of simple ideas pop up. The cost of replacing Air Force One is a perfect example. Donald knows the cost of buying and operating his Boeing jet, or I hope he does if he is going to start complaining about the cost of replacing the existing Air Force One jets.

Perhaps he’s forgotten the cost of operating his jet, just like he forgot to renew his FAA licence for his smaller plane for almost a year as he flew it around earlier in the Presidential run-off until someone noticed he had been flying an unauthorized plane for almost one year. Simple things like renewing an annual FAA licence was just too complex for him to remember. Or perhaps he was just being Donald and figured that being Donald Trump meant rules don’t apply to him.

Most children over the age of 10 would likely suspect the cost of a plane for a President of the United States would be quite a bit more than the cost of an equivalent and ordinary run-of-the-mill non-military plane. “Hey young Donald, which do you think cost more; a Boeing plane for you or a Boeing plane for the President of the United States?” “Why a Boeing pane for me ’cause I know smarter people than the President and I’m great.” Okay, so Donald is truly an exception.

Donald can compare Apples and Oranges and find no difference better than anyone. He’s the best. He’s great. He’s fabulous. He’s marvellous. He’s incredible. He’s absolutely incredible.

Here is a short video comparing Trump Force One and Air Force One:


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