Woman murders dog during divorce

a lantern affair hat by liz

A British Columbia woman who teaches arts and crafts, puppetry, heritage hat making and other classes to children in Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Langley, Surrey, Vancouver, Whistler and other areas took an innocent family pet to a local vet and had it killed during a lengthy divorce.

The Rottweiler/German Shepard cross was killed during the time of the divorce proceedings when the woman refused to comply with multiple court orders to turn over financial records of the large amount of money she had removed from their joint account prior to filing for divorce..

The dog was just a few years old, hardly more than a youngster, and was adopted from a local dog pound by the now ex-husband. The woman, Liz Summerfield, had removed his dog from the family home and refused to disclose where she had taken the animal.

The actions of a woman who takes an innocent animal and hides it from its owner then lies and has it killed say something about the person.

As does the fact during the weeks of extensive questioning about the money she had removed prior to filing for divorce, Liz Summerfield refused to comply with multiple court orders to disclose what she had done with the vast amount of money missing.

Lying, refusing to comply with court orders, psychological abuse of not disclosing whereabouts of dog she stole,  these all help paint a picture of the dog killer.

Liz Summerfield took the family dog from where she had hidden it to the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital and lied to the staff about the dog biting a post office person, saying she had been ordered by the post office to have the dog put down.

The post office never filed a complaint against the family pet, the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital never checked with the post office to see if there was such an order, and the Hospital never checked with the registered owner of the family pet, the husband, who had been taking his dog to that Hospital since adopting him.

Liz Summerfield simply lied in order to have a family pet killed.

Liz teaches children in the lower mainland of BC. Parents should be aware of who is teaching their children.

Special place in hell for those who harm children and animals


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