Yet another dog killer and liar.

Special place in hell for those who harm children and animals

A dog walker tells police she had left the six missing dogs in the back of her pickup truck with a canopy in the 4400-block of 206 Street, Langley, BC, saying she put the animals there so she could use the washroom for about 10 minutes.

An outpouring of sympathy and rage flood the media. Where are the dogs? Who took them? Why were they taken? Searches are formed, emotional owners of the missing dogs plea for answers for two days on TV and in print, social media in a frenzy.

But the story of the missing dogs was a lie. The dog walker has allegedly told a pet detective she found the six dogs dead in the back of her truck and proceeded to dispose of their bodies in a ditch.

The death of these dogs was probably an accident. The dog walker left the animals in the back of a truck with a canopy and the dogs probably died of heat exhaustion. A necropsy is being performed.

But this dog walker probably didn’t intentionally kill the dogs, unlike this woman pictured below.

a lantern affair hat by liz

This woman took another persons dog to the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital and told an out and out lie in order to have the dog killed.

The South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital didn’t bother to check with the actual owner of the dog, the one who had paid for the Rottweiler/German Shepard cross at the local dog pound and was the registered own and who paid for the various hospital visits and treatments for that dog and other animals he cared for at the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital.

The South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital didn’t check with the local post office to see if an order to put the dog down had actually been issued.

The South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital simply took the word of the woman shown above – who had secretly removed the dog from the family house before the divorce and refused multiple requests for information on where the animal was – and upon receipt of payment from the dog-napper carried out the killing of an innocent animal.

Why did this woman purposely kill an innocent animal? Events suggest it was for a very large sum of money. She was going through a divorce and had refused to comply with numerous court orders to turn over financial records concerning a very large sum of money she removed from a joint bank account shortly before filing for divorce.

It was while the courts were hounding her for the missing money she had her husbands’ dog killed by the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital. Killing her husbands’ pet was a deliberate act by her. The reason for her action I leave to you.

The dog walker probably didn’t set out to kill the six dogs, but should be punished. The woman who took another person’s pet and had him killed went unpunished.

The woman teaches children in the lower mainland of British Columbia, teaching them arts and crafts, puppetry, heritage hat making and other lessons through events and classes at local communities and local libraries.

Her name is Liz Summerfield, and here is the link to the letter my lawyer prepared for me to send to the BCSPCA regarding the death of my beloved Punzhu.

Parents should be aware of who is teaching their children. Some organizations like the Place des Arts don’t always list who the instructor is, perhaps for a feeling of protecting the public by not publishing who is actually teaching young children or some other reason.

Parents should verify the character of anyone teaching or coming into contact with their children. A quick search on the Internet will often turn up information. If an organization like the Place des Arts doesn’t list who is teaching your child or children then phone and find out who will be in contact with your child or children.

Who knows, your child could come in contact with a dog killer.


By Ted

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