Is this a terrible interview from Australia or what?

I was recently interviewed for a blog from Australia. I turn down most requests for interviews as I’ve found interviews produce little return for the interviewee, but do spread the word about the interviewer site. Likely this interview will do the same.

The interview doesn’t tell you much about myself, but then I knew it wouldn’t before I wrote it. Well, to be honest I didn’t write the whole interview. I just answered the prepared questions emailed to me.

Also, at the time of this post, my blog isn’t listed in the interviewers “My Favorite Sites” link. After failing to find my blog listed in “My Favorite Sites” I knew I was in trouble. I was hoping I might make some new connections from Australia, a country at the top of my list for visiting when I make my fortune.

My interview was published on a weekend, which, according to the stats for my site during the past 3 years, has the fewest visitors per day to my blog. True to form, the interview didn’t make a blip on the usual number of visitors per day on a weekend. I thought it might have increased visitors for Sunday, as it is Monday in Australia, but it didn’t. I’ll have to see if it makes any difference during the next day or two.

Here is the link to my interview, which you may enjoy reading it and seeing for yourself if it is a terrible interview. Remember, I wrote it.

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