Is Place des Arts in Coquitlam shielding dog killer from parents?

Place des Arts is once again hosting the annual highlight A Lantern Affair, but this year Place des Arts doesn’t say if the person holding the workshop event is known dog killer Liz Summerfield.

In fact the PDA doesn’t mention any artist at all in any of the ads this year, which is strange as they had included the name in their ads until suggestions were made that lower mainland parents should check who is teaching their children by searching the Internet.

In 2010 Place des Arts included the name of the person hosting the workshop: Celebrate all things small in two all-ages, drop-in style workshops, and get ready for Light up the Square: A Lantern Affair (which is coming up on December 4) by making your very own lantern with Liz Summerfield.

In 2011 Place Maillardville included the name of the person hosting the workshop:

Place Maillardville hosts a free lantern workshop, from 1 to 3 p.m., with guest artist Liz Summerfield. The lanterns will be used in a ceremony, Light up the Square – a Lantern Affair.

But this year Place des Arts doesn’t mention who the instructor is for the Lantern workshop. Maybe it is Liz Summerfield, maybe it is not.

If Liz is teaching children again at Place des Arts then why is PDA afraid to announce her name? If she is not teaching, then why not include the name of the person? These events are planned long in advance, so the name of an instructor would be well known by the time of publication.

Parents should be wary when the names of instructors are withheld from public advertisements.

Liz may be welcomed by various community centers, festivals and art camps to teach children, and parents may well want her to teach their children, moreover, even readers of this post may see nothing wrong with a woman who lies and kills an innocent animal teaching their children. I just feel that, as a public service to parents, they have the right to know something about the people who are teaching their children and I suggest parents Google the names of those teaching or instructing their children as a precaution.

Here is the link to the letter my lawyer wrote after she checked the facts about Liz Summerfield killing my dog and Liz’s lying.


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