Amazon author name link function fails to list all ebooks.

Authors with ebooks on Amazon might want to check their name link and see if all their works are displayed as the link failed for me.

Why? When I click on my author name link – the author name link displayed below the title when viewing a page on Amazon – the result show much less ebooks than when typing my name in the search box on the main Kindle ebook page.

I have 24 of my 31 ebooks now on Amazon, but only 15 of them are displayed when clicking on the author name link. I wondered why my Amazon Kindle sales weren’t anywhere near B&N or Apple or even Kobo and know I why… Almost half my ebooks aren’t being displayed. Gee, thanks Amazon. Hell of a way to run a business.

My KDP dashboard has all 24, and Amazon displays all 24 when I type my name into the search text box area on the main Amazon Kindle ebook page. So something is screwy with Amazon.

If you are an author with more than one ebook on Amazon then you should check your author name link and see how the results compare with your ebooks listed on your Bookshelf.

If you are looking for my ebooks it’s probably easier right now to click on the Kindle link at the top of my Blog, or here if you’re in a hurry. It has a list of my ebooks and I’ll finish adding images and details later today I hope.


Why the missing ebooks occurred has been explained, and I’ll post it in a minute, but I have to ask myself what the programmers at Amazon were thinking when they coded the Author Name link.

I like computer programs that are logical and behave the way I think they should. I don’t like having to do things on a computer that could easily be achieved by some thoughtful coding.

The Author Name link doesn’t return the same ebooks as when I type my name into a search text box on Amazon, and therefore I scratch my head. My way of thinking is if the Amazon ebook search box contains Ted Summerfield and returns all by ebooks then my Author Name of Ted Summerfield should do the same. After all, the name is the same in both instances.

But the Author Name link doesn’t return the same results, and admittedly it is my fault for forgetting to go to my Amazon author page and manually add my ebooks to my Author Page so that when someone clicks on my Author Name under one of my ebooks it will return the complete list of my works.

It seems silly and lazy on the part of Amazon coders to force me to go to a separate page of Amazon – the Author page – to manually replicate what Amazon already does automatically with its ebook author name search function.

Granted there may be more than one Ted Summerfield writing ebooks, just like there may be more than one Jane Smith publishing ebooks on Amazon. Returning ebook results for multiple Jane Smith’s would be problematic, and therefor the necessity of having an author manually input the correct ebooks so they link properly to Author Name link makes sense in that instance.

But if I understand Amazon’s coding correctly then each author has an identifier unique to their account, which said unique identifier ‘should’ be included in the ebook identification on an author Bookshelf and on the display of ebooks for purchase so that royalties are paid to the proper author.

So if there are unique identifiers for each author and these unique identifiers are included in data sets for each ebook for an author, then why should authors have to go to an Author Page and manually input the correct ebooks so they properly link to the Author Name?

I admit I failed to go to my Author Page and manually input all my ebooks, as I had obviously done for some of them and just as obviously forgot to do for the others. For that I apologize for earlier in this post suggesting Amazon runs a dumb business.

I forgot to manually add all my ebooks to my Author Page as Amazon suggest. Okay. I messed up.

But I why should I, or any author for that matter, have to manually approve works that must have some form of unique identifier for each author and each ebook for an author, so that royalties are properly allocated by Amazon?

If an author and the authors’ ebooks carry unique identifiers is it really that computer intensive or difficult to use those identifiers to pull from a data set and display them when someone clicks on Author Name link, without forcing authors to manually input the ebooks on a separate page?

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. All I know is that I like computer systems that act the way I would expect them to work. Maybe I’m asking too much.


By Ted

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You need to go to your Amazon Author Central page (just Google it and login as you would to Amazon), where on the “Books” tab is a link for you to “Add More Books.” Takes 24-48 hours or so for them to show up. Good luck!

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