Free autographed covers

Perhaps you bought one of my ebooks for children. Now you can have an autographed cover personalized for your child. Or maybe you bought one of my puzzle ebooks or fiction works for yourself or as a gift, or thinking of getting one as a gift. Why not request a personalized and autographed cover?

You have two ways to order an autographed cover.

The first method, showing the example above, is if you contact me directly.

By contacting me directly I can add images, like the big kiss, not available on kindlegraph.

Choose the cover you wish and later you will receive a PDF file of the cover with my autograph and a comment.

Please allow 5 – 7 days from the time I receive your request to the time your request is filled.

If you would like a free autographed and personalized cover of an ebook like the examples above, simply send me an email using the address shown on the Contact Me page. Include in your email: 1) name wanted on gift; 2) name of ebook for the cover; 3) any special images like kisses, hugs, animals, nature scene, Santa, one of the characters in the ebook, etc; and 4) any other special information you would like to include. Proof of purchase not required.

The second method is called kindlegraph

(actual kindlegraph PDF delivered to a reader)

The process is called kindlegraph, but you DON’T need a kindle to use the service or receive an autograph from what I understand. You do need a Twitter account to sign in to the service.

When the service asks for your kindle email address you can input any of your valid email addresses. You DON’T need a kindle email address as far as I know.

The list of ebook covers available through kindlegraph doesn’t include all my ebooks, as only about half of my works  are available at Amazon for Kindle devices.

The link to my list of ebook covers available at Kindlegraph is here.

By Ted

I'm a former member of the Radio Television News Directors Association and during the last 30 years I've written news stories, sports stories, stories for children, puzzles, and plays for puppets.

Many of my ebooks are color picture books for children, and include printable black and white pictures at the end of a story. Please visit my blog for the latest information on my ebooks, and any updates or changes or comments. Ted.

PS: Please help stop cruelty to animals and support your favorite humane society or organization.