Death of Champion bringing back memories of my wife murdering my dog

Seeing the cruelty dealt to Champion made me sick. Seeing the pictures also brought back all the painful memories of the murder of my dog Punzhu by my now ex-wife, Liz Summerfield.

Liz thought nothing of taking my dog and having him killed by the South Burnaby Veterinary Clinic. Liz had been refusing to comply with multiple court orders demanding she provide bank statements as to where she had placed all the monies she had removed from our bank account before filing for divorce.

But killing an innocent animal? Just for the sake of keeping money hidden from the courts?

Captain suffered a more painful, slow death than Punzhu.

Captain was found July 18 in a Dumpster, wrapped in a bloody sheet, and died the following day after going into cardiac arrest. The documents, which compiled sworn information to obtain a search warrant, revealed Captain’s injuries included extensive hemorrhaging, swelling, puncture wounds, multiple cuts and profuse diarrhea.

You can help support the BCSPCA and its fight against animal cruelty by making a contribution at their online site here.

By Ted

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Sorry to hear about your dog Ted, but yes after seeing this I am more conviced than ever that “There is a special place in hell for those that harm children & animals”. I also think that those that perform these despicalbe acts should endure the same fate.

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