1 in 8 Canadians living in poverty.

According to an article today in the Vancouver Sun, “Across Canada, 4.3-million people, including 979,000 children and their families, live in poverty (Statistics Canada, 2010 Incomes in Canada). That’s about one in eight people who are living in dire straits in our wealthy land.”

The article also states, “The social and economic costs of poverty are high. Hunger, inadequate nutrition and unsafe housing create hardship for families and result in higher expenditures for health care and social services. These costs of poverty, including the remedial costs of the criminal justice system, must concern us. Poverty leads to higher risks of social and economic exclusion which, in turn, drive up expenditures in policing, the courts, legal aid, criminal prosecutions and corrections along with the considerable pain and suffering experienced by victims of violent crimes. It is estimated that crime and justice-related expenditures alone range from $22 billion to $48 billion per year. Recent changes to legislation that add new mandatory minimum sentences and increase maximum sentences for some crimes are expected to increase costs even more for provinces and territories.”

Stephen Harper and Vic Toews have changed Canadian criminal laws to improve protection for Canadians. Some change.

I say this to Mr. Harper and Mr. Toews; To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. Change your criminal laws. Change your protection for the people of poverty in Canada.

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