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Dopey Stories

"Dopey Stories cover"
Dopey Stores by Ted Summerfield

“Dopey Stories” is a collection of 7 short stories: Bob the Road Painter; Minnie Tushi meets her love in Bald Knob; Bob and the Dickheads; An Ordinary Man; The Dumb Clucks Who Caused All The Trouble; Sal Acious meets Tim Orous; and The Beautiful Ms. Ann Thrope. The stories may make you say “huh?”, as they are a little weird.

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Final Decree. A Dead Dog Divorce.


A thieving wife, Elspith Winters, loots their joint bank accounts then convinces her friends her husband is having an affair in order to cover her tracks. Despite the years of planning she did in preparing for her Final Decree, she never once considered being outwitted by a smart female lawyer.

A story of one hellish divorce, based in part on upon my own divorce, and a cautionary tale for both men and women.

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Joint Effort

Joint Effort, by Ted Summerfield

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Star Sudoku Puzzles

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By Ted

I'm a former member of the Radio Television News Directors Association and during the last 30 years I've written news stories, sports stories, stories for children, puzzles, and plays for puppets.

Many of my ebooks are color picture books for children, and include printable black and white pictures at the end of a story. Please visit my blog for the latest information on my ebooks, and any updates or changes or comments. Ted.

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