Jose Albis, Trafford Publishing, Author Solutions scam, part two

Back in August, 2011, I wrote a small article cautioning authors – ebook and print – to do due diligence on Trafford Publishing, and Jose Albis who has setup the Albis Consulting Group in Victoria, BC.

Joe Albis worked for Trafford during the 2005-2009 period, according to his new Albis website. You may read my original post about Jose and Trafford here.

The original article has proven popular, so popular that Jose Albis commented on the article and suggested he was shocked and ashamed by what his former co-workers had done. (See original post here for his comments and that of others.)

According to this July 2008 Newsletter, Jose Albis was the “Sales and Marketing Manager” of Trafford during the time many reported scams were taking place.

Here’s what one customer of Trafford Publishing wrote during Jose’s time with Trafford: “I speak only for myself but find myself on this site out of frustration and anger with Trafford Publishing, operating out of Victoria B.C. From the beginning Trafford lied and made one excuse after another as what the hold-up with the publication of my book was. Now I have two students show up in my class with books purchased from Trafford, but after two months there is still no posting of sales to my author’s account. To me this is the biggest fly in the oatmeal as a PDO can make and sell an author’s book but there are no checks and balances to guaranttee that the publisher will in fact pay the author his due. It is called stealing. I am in the process of severing all ties with Trafford and would urge all authors and writers to not make the same mistake that I have. Perhaps Trafford’s political stance explains their duplicitous nature…they are ultra conservative; just another reason not to do business with them. Sincerely Michael A. Saylor doing business as

1/25/2008 6:06 PM” (snippet taken from list of book scammers and article on this site.)

The there is this little $25 million lawsuit incident originating while Jose Albis was Sales and Marketing Manager of Trafford.

Here, and here are some more links about Author Solutions and Authorhouse, part of the big, happy family of publishing scammers which includes Trafford.

Alternate Business names for Author Solutions, according to the Better Business Bureau:

Wordclay, authorHouse, iUniverse, Inc., Xlibris, Trafford Publishing, Balboa Press, Westbow Press, Legacy Keeper, Palibrio, Author Learning Center, Abbott Press, Inspiring Voices.


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