Parks Canada video’s and stuff

Parks Canada has a wonderful collection of stories, pictures, video’s, and information for all ages.

Their main web site page is here. (links open in new window or new tab.)

A great video of a year of Banff animal life is one of the many videos available. Blurb from Parks Canada: “12 months. Four seasons. One revolution of the sun. That’s how long Banff National Park’s remote wildlife camera project has been going and to celebrate, we’ve assembled a year’s worth of images from one single location into a short Wild Images video timelapse.

Have a look – you’ll be amazed by how much goes on. And it all happened a short two-and-a-half-hour stroll from the hustle and bustle of downtown Banff!  It goes to show how alive the woods are and, if you get into them, what you might be lucky enough to see!”

The link to the Banff video is here.