Place des Arts hires dog killer to teach children.

My ex-wife, who lied to a vet in order to have my dog killed during our divorce, has been hired by Place des Arts to teach children. I think it is horrible that a woman who heartlessly and needlessly killed an innocent animal is hired to teach children.

My heart almost stopped when my son told me that his mother had taken my dog to the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital to be killed. Liz had told the veterinary clinic that Punzhu had bitten a postman and she’d been ordered to have Punzhu put down. This turned out to be a lie.

I checked with the post office and found out that Punzhu was with Liz outside her mother’s house when the postman approached. According to the postman and the post office, the postman did not file a complaint nor did the post office order Liz to destroy Punzhu.

The woman who lied to the South Burnaby Veterinary Clinic in order to have my dog killed is named Liz Summerfield.