I’m too easily distracted..

I’m no poster-boy for social networking. I get too easily distracted by things like the sound of children laughing and playing poolside, dog barking to be let out/let in/patted, emails with interesting links or truly funny jokes – not like a lot of crap I was sent when some friends first discovered email (thank god)- or simply a good movie on TCM.

Then there are the distractions like finding time – and inclination – to make puzzles or work on my new novel when the weather is so sunny and mother nature is calling me to come outside and play or just hang out with her.

Then there are my friends, who suddenly appear when it’s warm and can think of nothing better than to have me BBQ some food to go along with the refreshments they brought. And birthdays, funerals, weddings, and other life events that keep me from posting here or to twitter.

Yeah, I’m easily distracted. I could probably stare at a cow for 40 minutes.

Heck, I even enjoyed watching a video about train tracks. Yes, train tracks. It was really interesting. Well, I found it interesting. Here’s the link. Sound is provided.


By Ted

I'm a former member of the Radio Television News Directors Association and during the last 30 years I've written news stories, sports stories, stories for children, puzzles, and plays for puppets.

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